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WhatsApp Marketing Service

Designer Clinic is a platform that is providing you facility of “WhatsApp Marketing Service”.

As everyone knows that in this present age it is too hectic to run your WhatsApp Marketing Campaign for business or any other purpose. Your basic aim is to get more people to be aware of your business. Thats means you need to spend plenty of time for interacting and convincing people to use your services or products.  Most of the times people don’t have time to do so, especially while running a business. So fortunately, we provide you the services here that can do it for you. That will definitely increase growth of awareness of your products or events even faster. We provide the following services for building your presence in Singapore and Malaysia market through WhatsApp Marketing.

We do WhatsApp marketing & management to targeted fans and increase engagement. The more you will get higher chance to get sales and people to attend your events. We help to Set up, Manage and Optimize WhatsApp Groups by tapping into your existing database & publicizing your campaign which will be customize only to the interested audience, who are most likely to response. Using WhatsApp Marketing is the best dominant place to grow business. We have enough experience in this market place. Currently, we have about 40 Business and Interest Groups on WhatsApp.

We can help you to reach new customers each week. I will provide you real and engaged customers.

WhatsApp Violet Yap at 84483407 or Email VioletYap83@Gmail.com for above service. 

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