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Automation for Social Media Marketing

As, digital marketing comprehends all the marketing practices that basically uses an electronic device through the internet. Here on this platform we offer automation for digital marketing. Marketing is basically about involving customers in the accurate place at the accurate time, when it is actually required. Offline marketing is not that much operative as it need to be. To overcome this issue, we provide any form of marketing that occurs online.

Our service platform for this purpose is for Daily Posting on Business Pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube:

  • Our straightforward purpose for providing this “Digital Services” is to:
  • Promote or Sell a Product or Service.
  • Create Awareness for your Business
  • To connect a business or organization with its directed customers
  • To understand a clear picture of “How Customer’s Decides” for anything
  • To directly make contact with millions of customers immediately.

We provide all these services in fully professional manners through entirely integrated, dynamic and personalized experience. We handle marketing issues for customers and do our best to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

My services will include:

    • Post Scheduling
    • Auto Re-Post
    • Increasing Followers
    •  Increasing Subscriberes
    • Increasing Likes and Favourites
    • Hashtag Research
    • Find and Attract Targeted Users
    • Replying Comments
    •  Engaging the Audiences

Why Choose Designer.Clinic!

  • Growing Followers & Engagement Organically
  • Proven & Effective Method
  • Increase in Traffic & Potential Sales
  • Professional Management


For any query you can contact me, I am Violet Yap my WhatsApp number is 84483407 Email VioletYap83@Gmail.com. We can set a meeting for further required discussion.


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