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We provide the best digital marketing business solutions

At Designer Clinic, we help our clients get highly potential buyers for their products and services through our digital marketing services. We use advance technology to collect leads for our clients. Your business is our business.

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Lead Generation Services for Businesses

We specialize on getting Leads for Clients from Facebook and Google. We advise clients on the best Lead Magnet to attract the right pool of highly potential clients for their business. We manage whole campaigns with care and in compliance to PDPA rules in Singapore.


Web Design Services

At Designer Clinic, each business client is well taken care of and we make selling appealing websites with great images, selling points and well written ad copies to attract potential buyers to buy the products and services that the website offer. We take care of all aspects and details to make sure we provide the best web design services to our clients.

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Scheduled Posts Service

We provide systematic scheduled posting service for our clients on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. We can schedule posts in advance to bring your marketing message to your clients on a daily & weekly basis. If you have an interesting RSS feed we can post the feed to your clients automatically. Hassle free and time saving.

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We provide Design needs for Business

At Designer Clinic, we provide Business Card, Logo, Favicon, Flyer, Broucher, Letter Head, EBook, Sticker, T-shirt Designs. You name it we have it. We provide at least 2 versions and up to 3 revisions for each clients. We make creative and attractive designs for our clients.


Paid Ads Management Service

We provide Paid Ads Management Services for Facebook, Instagram and Google. We can run several campaigns with different ad sets and keywords to attract a greater pool of clients who are highly targeted and most likely to purchase your products and services. We regularly fine tune and get feedback from our clients to improve the ads. Use our services for a great experience 😉