Facebook Lead Generation Using ChatFuel

Facebook Lead Generation Using ChatFuel

Facebook Lead Generation Using ChatFuel

Hi Everybody, today I like to share about doing Lead Generation on Facebook using ChatFuel.

We have tried out using this method and it works well when paired up with Free Vouchers.

I would like to highlight that you would have to ask your clients permission if you can contact them using ChatFuel as in Singapore we would need our clients’ permission to contact them to promote products and services. And an option to unsubscribe from our marketing messages is a must too.

Without Further ado, let’s dive into how you can do Lead Generation on Facebook Using ChatFuel.


Step 1 Create a Creative Image

You can do so Using Canva.com or Photoshop or any Photoshop Alternatives. Plan a type of Voucher to give away. The example used here is Popular Vouchers, you can always go for NTUC Vouchers, Capitaland Vouchers etc according to the audience you want to target. 

As this campaign is to attract Parents with Kids studying, so Popular Vouchers are used. 

If you want to attract the General Public like many Insurance Agents you can use NTUC Vouchers. If you want to target customers who like to shop you can use Capitaland Vouchers. So choose the Right Type of Vouchers for your Clients.


Step 2 Write a Great Marketing Text Offering Your Vouchers

So you have your Creative Image ready, next what you can do is to indicate how many Vouchers you are giving away and what you want your audience to do in order to get the Vouchers. 

It can be a contest type where only a certain number of people get to win your voucher or you can offer anyone who meets you up to listen to your pitching to get the voucher.

Contest type meaning you have your audience to for example:

  1. Like your post
  2. Like your page
  3. Tag a friend
  4. Share your post

In order to stand a chance to win your Voucher.

So you can offer to let 5 people win $10 Voucher each or 10 people to win $20 Voucher each, you can plan accordingly to your budget.


If you want to offer each person a voucher each for meeting you up for your sales pitch, you can offer a $10 Voucher for each participant.


Step 3 Linking your Facebook Post to ChatFuel

Watch this video below to find out how to link your Facebook Post to ChatFuel




With the Above Method you will be able to collect quite a huge list of general leads. The most important part is for you to make sales from the lead collected. From my experience from doing this, I gained more page likes and awareness for my Facebook Page which is a great experience.

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