WhatsApp Marketing with Designer Clinic

WhatsApp Marketing with Designer Clinic

WhatsApp Marketing with Designer Clinic

WhatsApp Marketing with Designer Clinic

WhatsApp Marketing with Designer Clinic

WhatsApp Marketing with Designer Clinic

Introduction to WhatsApp

What’s Up with WhatsApp? It’s the most popular communication tool now next Telegram (which has somehow already taken over WhatsApp in many functionalities).

Nonetheless, we are gonna talk about WhatsApp Marketing Today as it’s still a Powerful tool to gather subscribers and people in Groups.

WhatsApp is a Good Place to start to build a Good Base as People are very willing to join other groups there, once you start to get into Popular Groups you can start your own groups or advertise your business right away.

One thing good about WhatsApp compared to Telegram is there’s no automation and there’s no bot to spoil or make your day if you like it. All the work to gather people into your group or posting, which is limited to forwarding to only 5 people now, they used to let users do work easier and we can forward to multiple groups but the enforcement to stop spreading false news had WhatsApp taken the above action.


Designer Clinic WhatsApp Marketing Services

WhatsApp is a Good Place when you need open advertising exposure, get people to fill up your surveys, for Insurance Agents and also for Leisure events when you want to gather more people to your Online events and Offline events when Circuit Breaker in Singapore is over.

We offer a small fee of $50 to add your number to upto 40 groups or help you to gather a Group of at least 50 people in a day who are interested in the Business Subject that you name your WhatsApp Group Invitation.

We also offer WhatsApp Message Blasting Services at $50 to upto 50 groups. This is suitable for any Business, Insurance Agents, New Launch for Property Agent, New Product Launch, New Services Provided or any existing Products and Services, even Leisure Events like Online Dating, KTV, Netflix events. 

Nonetheless, this WhatsApp Blasting Service is Good For Facebook Live Events and Watch Parties. You can instantly gain viewers from WhatsApp.

And not forgetting, if you have a Blog, Vlog, YouTube video which need viewers, you can use Designer Clinic WhatsApp Message Blasting Services to help boost your viewership.


For any inquiries and questions feel to WhatsApp Violet at +6584483407



*Please note that we do not blast messages for Loans*
*The People in my Groups are Mostly Singapore and Malaysia numbers*

*Each group size is about 30-200 users, there are 40-50 groups available for blasting*

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